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Reiki Healing Course 1&2 Level

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Category Reiki Healing Course 1&2 Level

This extensive course contains both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 levels The term 'Reiki' defines the free passage and transfer of energy from universal life-force. 'Rei' means 'true knowledge' and 'Ki' means 'spring of life force.' This flow is through the hands and through the body's key spring points.

Reiki is a caring, benevolent and positive force that can heal on many levels. When it moves through the body of the recipients they can relax greatly, stabilise and become calm. But Reiki can do much more than that.

All our energy systems are interconnected, mind, body and soul; each of these systems is interconnected and can influence each other. It follows then that if a cleansing, healing energy flows into the body, it also strengthens the spiritual body and the mind. This is how Reiki works; it passes through the body, cleanses, restores and detoxifies the environment at several levels and thereby strengthens the mind , body and emotions.

The 'tunement' or initiation phase is what separates Reiki from other therapeutic modalities. Other ways of healing may be performed intuitively or by a 'gifted' person. This is not the case for Reiki; Reiki healing is something everyone should understand. The process of attunement allows all students who pass through Reiki learning and initiation to practise and provide healing if they wish. However, some students simply wish to take for themselves the learning and attunements and their own spiritual development.This powerful course is split into parts Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 levels, it will give you all the tools you need to learn how to transfer this healing energy to help others, should you wish to do so and to use it in your own life too.

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