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Pendulum Dowsing

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Pendulum dowsing is the use of a weighted object on a string or chain to get an answer to questions you can not answer rationally, usually in a yes / no format. From the beginning, you need to realise that pendulums are used in several different techniques, from hypnosis to cure. Neither of those dowsing. It's a mistake to assume they dowsing each time you see someone with a pendulum. The pendulum is just an instrument. It amplifies the answer, so you can see it better. Your dowsing method lacks magic. He's not giving you the answer. It is a scale. As we clarify in a later chapter, a tool is not needed to dowsing. Actually we like teaching dowsing by beginning without a method. Too often, teachers mistakenly lead students to assume that the method is somehow powerful and offers the answers, and so the students feel they can't dowse until they have their pendulums.

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