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Reiki Classes

September 29, 2020 12 people Latest news

Join classes for reiki level 1 and 2 level .

What is the history of reiki and why we have to learn it .

Learn about 7 chakras complete description of Chakras ,How they effect our dieases personality and life praoblems how to fix them.

What is Aura and its effects ,How to make a strong your aura. How to sensing/Measuring.

24 point healing

Reiki 2 level

Powerful attunment 3 symboles pls 1 symbol extra and their usaage

Connect with reiki energy/ Divine energy

Reiki symbol ( cho ku rei, honsha jeshonen, sei heiki, Om)

Distance healing

How to protect your familiy and assets with symbol

How to lock your Aura

Learn charging water / Food

Developing Love,positive qualities,Peacefulness etc.

Course Meterial-:

Reiki manual/ whatsapp notes

7 chakars Brascelet

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